Migrating to v2020

PHPMaker 2020 is a huge upgrade from v2019, it includes a long list of new features. However, if you upgrade from version prior to v2019, please be reminded that v2019 introduced some new features which are not fully compatible with old versions, make sure you read Migrating to v2019 first. When you open an old project in v2020, PHPMaker will try to convert the changes for you. However, the conversion cannot be 100% and you'll need to do some updates yourself. Please read the follows carefully, review your code, update and test it before deploying the new scripts to your production server.



Requires PHP 5.6 or higher. Using PHP 7 is highly recommended.


AdminLTE 3

AdminLTE 3 now supports some layout options (top navigation, boxed, fixed, fixed navbar, fixed footer). PHPMaker template is based on the fixed layout, if you want to use other layout options, you can change the advanced setting Layout Class and then implement your own adjustments, if necessary. Note that setting the layout class to layout-top-nav alone does not mean horizontal menu, only menu items selected as navbar item in the Menu Editor will be shown. If you want horizontal menu, you can set all menu items as navbar items by right-clicking the column header and choose Select all.



Now Font Awesome 5 Free included in AdminLTE 3 is used. Update your icon class names in Menu Editor and server/client events, if used. Read Upgrading from Version 4 first. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can enable the advanced setting Use Font Awesome v4 shims which allow you to keep your old version 4 icon names, aliases, and syntax while mapping version 5 icons to your current references. However, make sure you should do a proper upgrade to v5 as soon as possible, the shims will be removed in future version.


Language File

As always there are many new phrases in new major version, make sure you update your non-English language files, otherwise some phrases will be missing in Multi-Language projects.


Integrating PHP Report Maker Project

PHPMaker 2020 integrates most features from PHP Report Maker and can import reports from PHP Report Maker project, our objective is to enable users to migrate reports to PHPMaker and work on one single project from now on. That said, PHPMaker 2020 uses open source MIT licensed Chart.js which does not support all chart types supported by PHP Report Maker. If you have reports with unsupported charts, you need to either remove them or do some integration yourself, read Integrating PHP Report Maker Project for details.


Control File, Template Tags and Extensions

The template engine has been greatly simplified, now it is much easier to make extensions than before. However, this also means the syntax has been changed. If you customize template or make extensions, read Control File, Template Tags, and Extensions first and then update your customizations.


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