Integrating PHP Report Maker Project

PHPMaker 2020 integrates most features from PHP Report Maker, if your project has a related PHP Report Maker project, PHPMaker will try to merge the two projects as one. If your PHP Report Maker does not have unsupported chart types, you simply open the old project with v2020, let PHPMaker combine them for you and then re-generate scripts with one single project file from now on.


Open PHPMaker Project (Related to PHP Report Maker Project)

If your project imported menu items from a PHP Report Maker project previously, when you open and convert the project with v2020, PHPMaker will detect the related PHP Report Maker project and ask you if you want to import your reports from it. There are a few options for importing:

Remove unsupported Gantt charts PHPMaker uses Chart.js which does not support Gantt charts, if you have Gantt charts in your PHP Report Maker project, you can choose not to import them by enabling this option. If disabled, PHPMaker will convert the Gantt charts as summary report, you can then implement your own Gantt charts. If you want to continue to use Google Gantt Charts, you can use Startup Script to draw the chart, see the example in Server Events and Client Scripts.
Convert unsupported 3D charts to 2D charts Chart.js does not support 3D charts. PHPMaker can help you convert the 3D chart types to corresponding 2D chart types.

Note It is recommended you enable this option, or 3D charts will be considered as unsupported and will be handled by the next option.

Remove reports with unsupported charts

Remove reports with unsupported charts from the project. If enabled, the reports will not be imported. If disabled, the reports will be kept but the unsupported charts will be removed, you can create new charts for the reports in the new project later.

Update PHP Report Maker project for compatibility

If all charts in your old project are supported, you can ignore this option. You do not need the PHP Report Maker project any more. If your project has unsupported charts, it is recommended that you review your charts and change your presentation with supported charts so that you do not need to manage two projects. However, if you still want to reuse the old charts until you do a proper migration, you can enable this option, then PHPMaker will try to update the PHP Report Project and make it compatible. The following will be updated:

  • Project name - As always, project name must be the same for compatibility.
  • Project ID - Since projects are merged, there is only one Project ID now, the Project ID of PHP Report Maker must also be updated to the same for compatibility.
  • Compatibility Properties - Since it is supposed to be one project only, now the PHP Report Maker is actually standalone, the Compatibility Properties are disabled.
  • Destination folder - As always, new files generated by v2020 are not compatible with old files generated by previous version. The files generated by PHP Report Maker is a sub-site and must reside in a subfolder under the v2020 project folder.
  • Menu items - The menu items are updated with menu items from v2020 project so that the menu of the old reports has the same menu items and user can navigate between the main site and the sub-site like they are one site.


  1. Only PHP Report Maker 12 projects can be compatible. This option is not available for PHP Report Maker project older than v12.
  2. This is only a temporary measure for handling unsupported reports/charts and it will be removed in future version. You should try to re-create the reports/charts in the new project for the long term.
PHP Report Maker project folder

For use with Update PHP Report Maker project for compatibility. This is the subfolder path for PHP Report Maker project files, by default it is "reports/". After conversion, you need to re-generate all files as follows:

  1. Generate all files with the new v2020 project,
  2. Open the updated PHP Report Maker project with PHP Report Maker 12,
  3. Go to the Generate tab, check the Destination folder, before conversion it should be same as the project folder of the v2020 project, now it should be a subfolder of the project folder, e.g. <project folder>\reports
  4. Generate all files to the subfolder.


Import PHP Report Maker Project

If you have standalone PHPMaker project and PHP Report Maker project, they do not have information about each other, they cannot be converted in one go. However, provided that the follows are the same in both projects, you can still import reports from the PHP Report Maker project to the PHPMaker project:

  1. The main database in each projects are the same,
  2. The Security (if enabled) settings are the same (i.e. same User ID field, User table, User Level table, User Level Permissions table, etc.)

To import, follow these steps:

  1. Open the PHPMaker project with PHPMaker 2020 (and convert to new version if project is old),
  2. Click Project -> Import, select your PHP Report Project,
  3. On opening the project, you will see the same dialog as above, just proceed similarly.


Open PHP Report Maker Project

PHPMaker can open PHP Report Maker project directly and convert it to a PHPMaker project. When you open the project, you will see the same dialog as above, just proceed similarly.





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